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About Us


Personal hygiene and Menstrual dignity, both of which require more attention are unfortunately less discussed in our country. Many women are in a state of fear and discomfort when it comes to their menstrual health and prioritize their personal hygiene needs and essentials last.

Surabhi Hygiene believes every woman should have access to the most basic menstruation and personal hygiene needs. In 2020, Our company started working on the common hygiene issues faced by women during their menstrual cycles and launched a sanitary napkin, a basic menstrual need. We conducted a thorough analysis and research of market and product requirements and brought a Sanitary pad which is made of 100% cotton top sheet and free of bleach and chemicals.

We involved Asha and Anganwadi workers in our journey by distributing our products to them and encouraged them to have open conversations on period care products and the level of comfort and hygiene provided by the products. The research on their feedbacks helped us in realizing that traditional period care products like Sanitary pads and Tampons are not solving the purpose Menstrual hygiene and comfort completely for women and innovative, sustainable and reusable products like Menstrual cups, Period panties and cloth pads are taking the place.

Our extensive research gave us a conclusion where Menstrual cups are the most comfortable and hygiene promoting period care need for every woman contributing to zero menstrual wastage and highly economical as they are reusable; one cup can be used up to 5 years. Due to its higher wear time and volume capacity Menstrual cups are the utmost comfortable period care products. Our Journey on Menstrual cups went for a period of 18 months where we conducted a thorough research on all deciding factors of Menstrual cup like Material, Size and shape, Color, Affordability, Accessibility and Awareness. We came up with a brand for women Growomen Menstrual cup. Renowned Tollywood actress Smt. Indaraja garu launched Growomen Menstrual cup and many active and inspiring women influencers joined our journey.

Though we achieved positive responses from the women in terms of Hygiene and Comfort after using Menstrual cup, we realized many women in terms of usage, doubts and fears are not able to switch to Menstrual cup and are in need of a personalized support. Our next step was to provide a complete personalized chat support to every woman where they could get to know every detail of Menstrual cup in their private space. This became a base for our exclusive Growomen WhatsApp API chat bot and our Helpline number. We are proud to be a part of a movement that empowers women to take control of their bodies, their health and their lives. As a dedicated team, we are here to support and advocate every woman, because we believe that every woman deserves the best care possible.



We are here to empower women with knowledge about Feminine and Menstrual hygiene related issues and live dignified lives by breaking the barriers of unspoken feminine issues.


We help women to have happy , healthier and hygienic life styles by providing innovative feminine hygiene products accessible at their door steps that make their every day lives easier.




According to our observations and studies, we found that women are always unspoken and unaddressed about menstrual, feminine and toilet hygiene. We turned this into our mission to find modern and innovative solutions for these problems

We developed products as a first solution and then did ground work by conducting awareness campaigns and webinars to empower women to manage their cleanliness.

Our products are designed by experts, tested many times and available for women of all ages and in different sizes as per their comfort and requirement

When it comes to feminine hygiene, we know that there's no room for compromise. Our passion is women's health, and we are happy to provide you with the highest quality products possible


Founder & CEO, Surabhi Hygiene


We aim to empower women to have hygienic and Eco-conscious life style by providing sustainable and effective solutions through high quality products which provide 100% comfort and hygiene. Together we can break the barriers, challenge the norms and create a world where feminine hygiene is celebrated, understood and prioritized.

Lakshmi Sindhura,

Co-Founder & COO, Surabhi Hygiene




    Raju Billa, Founder & CEO

    Have 15 years of experience in starting and building Successful businesses. Product Creation, Legal Compliance, forming Business relationships, and boosting Sales have always been his main priorities. Surabhi Hygiene is a Contemporary solution of Mr. Raju Billa for a healthy and hygienic society of women.



    Lakshmi Sindhura, Co-Founder & COO 

    Have Good Knowledge in creating an innovative design and content which plays a key role in various marketing strategies and focusing on methods to drive sales and building a presence of brand.



    Shailaja , Product Research and Development Head

    Have Good Knowledge in accessing the viability of new products, carrying out market research, monitoring the Industry trends and competitor products and development of product as a solution to the customer problems

    Bhagya Laxmi, Accounts and Finance

    Good knowledge in making financial decisions by collecting tracking and correcting the company's finances and responsible for maintaining financial audits and financial records through out the year


    Swathi Billa , Founder Staff

    Plays a key role in Developing and maintaining Company's Vision and setting up systems , establishing a core team and  monitoring performances to access the Company's Growth and Success

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