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Personal Hygiene for women- All you need to know

Personal Hygiene for women- All you need to know

Good personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others from many illnesses. This means washing your hands and also your body, including your genital area. It means being careful not to cough or sneeze on others, throwing away potentially infectious materials like tissues, and using protection (such gloves or condoms) when you could be at risk of contracting an infection. Washing your genital area including sanitary pads should be changed at least four to five times daily. Hands should always be washed both before and after handling tampons or pads. 
It is commonly known that hygiene and health are connected. Personal hygiene is important for many reasons, including one's own health, social well-being, psychological well-being, and simply as a way of life. Maintaining good hygiene helps stop the transmission of infections, diseases, and unpleasant odors in addition to protecting those close to you from getting sick.
It takes more than just following a balanced diet and regular exercise to stay healthy. Adopting hygienic and orderly routines or habits is also very important. Here are some quick, yet important, methods to improve your hygiene and get healthier.
Keep your hands clean to keep away illnesses
There are millions of germs you are contacting every day knowingly or unknowingly. Millions of bacteria is present in the day to day products like mobile phone, laptop, a key etc. It is always suggestable to wash your hands before and after eating, after coming back home from outside, using the toilet etc. It is also important to dry your hands after washing.
Think twice before sharing
It is not a big deal to use some of our friends like earphones. Ear wax is moist and sticky which makes it home to many germs which leads to ear infections such as middle ear infections, fungus growth. Like that, avoid sharing makeup items, combs etc. 
Avoid eating uncooked food from outside
Eating raw is always healthy but eating raw from outside is sometimes disastrous if fruits and vegetables are not properly washed. 
Oral Hygiene
Apart from brushing your teeth, flossing is also needed daily to remove the plaque between the teeth properly. Rinse the mouth with mouthwash liquids.
Maintain menstrual hygiene
Have a special pair of pants on hand for that time of the month. Wash clothes with blood stains in warm, disinfectant-infused water. Every time you replace your pad, wash yourself well. You can prevent infections by following these procedures.
To remove hair or not
To remove extra and unwanted hair is one’s personal choice. Keeping hair helps us to prevent germs and infections at the same time it locks moisture which also invites many bacterias. So you keep your hair, make sure you clean and wash every day, especially after peeing if it is your underplace. If you are removing hair, make sure to use suitable products according to your skin and wash with intimate wash if it is your underplace. 
A brief about products
As the market and demand is vast you can encounter a number of products related to feminine and menstrual health and hygiene. We are looking at the range and variety of products now.
For Hair removal
You have again sub categories like, facial hair removal, under arms, legs, intimate hair. 
For hair, people mostly choose traditional methods by going to a salon or parlor. In the changing era, people are also using facial hair removal kits including razors, after gels etc.
For other parts, you may find many ranges of products like razors, hair removal creams, hair removal sprays, removal powders, post shave and post wax gels, creams.
For Oral hygiene
You may find traditional products like toothpaste, and now that toothpaste is also coming with many variations. Brushes, tongue cleaners, mouthwash gels, mouth fresheners etc.
For menstrual health
This is where you need to forget counting of the products. Increasing awareness and knowledge leads to open another level of demand in menstrual hygiene products. 
For periods 
Sanitary pads
You will find traditional sanitary pads that will be peel and stick in which you get, Cloth pads, organic pads, cotton pads, net pads, biodegradable pads and many more.
Menstrual cups
These are becoming very popular among working women be it in office, cinema industry, research field. Women are shifting their interest towards menstrual cups. These cups are sustainable and plastic free material usually made up of silicone. All you have to do is fold a cup and insert it into your vagina and relax for next 8 to 10 hrs and remove, wash and reuse it. It is a cost effective cup, once a cup can be usable for a minimum of 5 years.
Panty liners
Are for those, who experience more wet except period days. 
Pain relief patches
Patches contain counterirritants, which are used to treat moderate pain. You need to peel off and stick it wherever you experience pain. 
Facial wipes
It again includes two categories wet wipes and dry tissues. The name itself tells us its potential usage. 
Like this we get many products which are made for us only. Just you need to understand its usage and importance and the world is all open for us.


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