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Menstruation commonly known as Woman’s period is a normal healthy process that occurs in female reproductive system. It’s a monthly cycle where the uterus sheds its lining in preparation of potential pregnancy.

Menstruation typically occurs in girls and women who have reached puberty. It is controlled by hormonal changes, particularly the rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone levels. The menstrual cycle generally lasts about 28 days and bleeding period usually lasts around 5 days, but this can also vary. This is the reason Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated globally on May 28 to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene. It was initiated by the German-based NGO, WASH united in 2014. The date “May 28” was chosen because on an average the menstrual cycle for most women is 28 days in length and the menstrual period for most women is for 5 days each month. This is the significance of 28/5.

Though more awareness sessions and campaigns are increasing to create more awareness on Menstrual hygiene in many parts of our country Menstruation is still seen as an impure phenomenon where women and girls hesitate to buy Menstrual hygiene needs and the access of Feminine hygiene products is not going simple.


Scenario of Menstrual Hygiene in present day

Previously due to many cultural and social barriers Menstruation and usage of Period needs were very restricted. Old cotton cloth was the most preferred Period care need and our Ancestors used to justify it saying using a cloth will prevent infections and environment. Slowly Sanitary pad has taken the place over the practice of using cloth where women started to believe using a good sanitary pad and changing at regular intervals is a good practice of Menstrual hygiene. Menstrual hygiene education is gaining importance nowadays and many ads and campaigns are focussing on saying every girl and women should have a space in her family to discuss about periods which are very normal and knowledge on new range of Menstrual and Feminine Hygiene products is increasing.


Prioritizing Menstrual Health

Though it is said small levels of food, lifestyle changes and yoga can help women gaining relief from Period cramps which are quite normal during their periods many women are not able to focus on their Menstrual health due to busy life schedules and responsibilities. When a daughter in a family gets her first period, she will be guided to use a Sanitary pad to absorb the blood. The younger mind will have many questions like why we have to use a sanitary pad for this process? Or why are periods so painful? It is the generalized concept of Menstruation again Sanitary pads have taken the prominent place in a women’s Menstrual cycle.


Something beyond Sanitary pad ever thought of it

Yes, Sanitary pads are not only period care needs Tampons, Cloth pads, Period panties, Menstrual disc are some other options available in the market. But Sanitary pads have a major hand over all these products which are more beneficial than Sanitary pads. But why is it so? Because most of the women are having a granted comfort in using Sanitary pads and are not easily ready to come out of the thought and believe that there are some sustainable products like Menstrual cups which are a perfect period partner. Sanitary pads are comfortable, comes in different sizes, easy to choose one, no hurdles in washrooms, can be disposed easily and very economical these are some very crucial factors which are making them stand out despite of problems like heavy rashes, heavy menstrual wastage, many infections and plastic degradation. Every woman and girl roughly go through 400-500 periods through out her reproductive period and we can imagine the figure of sanitary pads that are being used and the time period of that plastic material to degrade. It’s just not about Sanitary pad plastic wastage and infections women are not choosing Menstrual cup due to social and cultural factors like sterilizing a cup in a family, cleaning of cup, Insertion fears and for many teenagers and unmarried women fear of losing virginity.

The phase of dealing periods has changed now. Women are becoming more aware of period health. Practicing yoga, adapting a healthy food life style using more sustainable products for periods is gaining more importance. Menstrual cups are slowly being accepted by women when their doubts on using it are being clarified. In a few cycles user experiences are becoming more successful and women are choosing Menstrual cup as their period care partner. Here are some exciting features of Menstrual cup one should know

Multiple benefits in one single cup

·    Menstrual cup collects blood instead of absorbing

·    One cup gives protection up to 12hours- Very economical no monthly expenditure on sanitary pads

·    Menstrual cups are made of 100% medical grade silicone which does not have any chemicals like sanitary pads and very safe for your intimate area

·    Menstrual cups solve the disposal problem when compared to sanitary pads which is very environment friendly

·    Performing any kind of physical activities, sports etc will be easy with Menstrual cups when compared to sanitary pads

·    Menstrual cup once placed inside properly there is no need to worry about leakage issues and can travel any where

·    The shape and stem of Menstrual cups are designed perfectly to fit inside vagina and for easy removal at regular intervals

·    Menstrual cups come in different sizes like Small, Medium and Large and you need to choose them according to your cervix length and period flow

·    Menstrual cups come in perfect Telescopic box with instruction manual for easy usage and storage



  This Menstrual hygiene day its just not important to know how can we maintain Hygiene during periods but also a using a worthy product on your periods and let others know how you can have a safe and eco friendly periods. Women should think of using Menstrual cup which makes their periods more comfortable. Social media is a major platform where you get to know every thing about Menstrual cup and user experiences which are worthy. Following a specific page or website of your comfort will keep you updated not only on sustainable products for Menstrual cycle but also to all those information which helps you in maintaining a good personal hygiene and access to all kinds of personal hygiene products because a woman’s health is never too late to focus. Let’s do it.

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